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Mechanical Solutions

At MTB Global, we hold your safety in the highest regard.

We are dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind in every aspect of your life.

As a trusted provider of top-quality locks and security solutions,

Quality is the cornerstone of our offerings.

Our Mechanical Solutions range includes a selection of

ISEO Cylinders, Multipoint lock, Master Key System, SAB lockcase

and security hardware designed to protect your property and loved ones.



Investing in high-quality cylinders is of paramount importance when it comes to safeguarding your property and ensuring the security of your belongings. A lock's effectiveness heavily relies on the quality of its core component, the cylinder. Cheap cylinders are more susceptible to picking, bumping, and other forms of unauthorized manipulation, making your property vulnerable to break-ins and theft. In contrast, ISEO Cylinders are engineered with advanced security features and durable materials that significantly enhance their resistance to tampering and forced entry attempts.



Lock case is the main housing or container that encases all the internal components of the lock. It is installed within the door or door frame, and it contains the mechanisms that control the locking and unlocking of the door.​ The lock case typically includes the latch or deadbolt mechanism, the strike plate, and sometimes additional features like a lever or knob for manual operation.

Master Key System.png

What is a Master Key System?

A Master Key System is a security and access control system that uses a hierarchical structure of keys to provide varying levels of access to different areas or locks.

It simplifies key management and enhance security.

It reduces the number of keys an individual needs to carry since

one key can access multiple areas as needed.

For example, a university campus might use a Master Key System to provide

custodians access to all buildings, professors access to their offices,

and students access only to their dorm rooms.


Why Multipoint Lock?

  • Enhanced Security:  With multiple locking points, multi-point locks provide superior security by distributing force and resistance along the door's entire edge.

  • Ease of Use: Despite their multiple locking points, multipoint locks are often easy to operate with a single turn of a key or lever, making them user-friendly and convenient for everyday use.

  • Aesthetics: Multi-point locks are designed to be concealed within the door, providing a clean and unobtrusive appearance.

  • Versatility: Multipoint locks come in various configurations to suit different types of doors and windows, including sliding doors, patio doors, and etc.

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